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By making rent payments online through this site, you agree to be responsible for your payments.  Any attempts to dispute a payment through your credit card company, bank account, and/or PayPal will result in an immediate eviction action and court proceeding against you.  You are responsible for knowing how much your rent, utility, and late fee payments are.  We reserve the right to reject any partial payments.  All payments made through this site are charged a 3.5% convenience fee which will be added to your payment (on the payment screen, it is listed as "tax").  This fee is non-negotiable and may be avoided by using more traditional ways to pay your rent.  Rent payments may be dropped off in the gold mail slot at 334 W. 3rd Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201 or may be mailed to us at P.O. Box 21177, Columbus, Ohio 43221.


***PLEASE NOTE*** If you are in the last 2 months of your lease with us and are not renewing, you may not use this service to pay your rent during those 2 months.  Any tenant who makes a payment through this service in their last 2 months will have their payment rejected, which may result in late fees and additional charges.

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