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Submit your maintenance request in the form below.  If this is an emergency, described as a lack of heat, major leak, or a fire, please do not use this form.  Call the office immediately at (614) 725-5777 to get the emergency maintenance number.
A comprehensive list of our maintenance policies can be found below.  Please read these prior to submitting maintenance requests so you are aware what maintenance you are responsible for in your unit and what our policy is in regard to assigning maintenance to our team members.

We want to thank you for renting from  The following is a guideline to follow while living in the home to ensure you are not charged for maintenance during tenancy and there will be no damages against your deposit when you move out of the home.  These are common issues that arise during most tenancies and we want to make sure you are aware of them.  There are some things that tenants are responsible for maintaining in a rental unit, so please be attentive to these items while living in the home and understand that the maintenance of those items might be charged to you for repair.


1.      Garbage disposals:  Garbage disposals are the #1 reported maintenance issue.  There is a small, red reset button located on the bottom of the disposal unit.  Please try this button before calling for service to your disposal.  There are typically only three reasons for garbage disposal issues.  One is mechanical failure.  In the event of mechanical failure, we will repair or replace your disposal at our expense.  The second is food clogs.  Food clogs result from improper use of the disposal.  Any food clog related repairs will be charged to tenants for labor and materials.  In general, you should run cold water down the drain while using the disposal and put very small amounts of food in the disposal at one time, let the disposal clear that food, then put more in slowly until the food is gone.  The foods most likely to cause a clog are: lettuce, rice, potato peels, meat fats, grease, meat, and pasta.  Please do not drain grease into the disposal; it will break it and also clog your pipes.  The third is metal or glass in the disposal.  Make sure nothing besides food and water goes into the disposal, as foreign objects will destroy the parts inside, potentially causing more than a repair, but a replacement instead.  DO NOT put Drano or other drain opener chemicals in the disposal!  This will destroy the disposal!  Tenants are billed for any repairs and/or replacements caused by the above issues, aside from mechanical failure.  Please exercise caution and good judgment in the use of your disposal.

2.       Sink, toilet, and tub drains:  Sink, toilet, and tub drain clogs are the 2nd most reported maintenance issue.  When we give you the property, we make sure all drains are free and clear of clogs.  You are required by law to maintain the health of the drain by any means necessary to you (i.e. using a drain cover designed to prevent hair going down the drain and/or regular use of drain cleaners).  The flushing of cleaning wipes, bathroom wipes, feminine sanitary products (including tampons!), condoms, chemicals, or any other item aside from toilet paper and human waste is strictly prohibited.  Any drain clogs during your tenancy will be charged to you, with the sole exception being due to pipe failures or clogs from tree roots.  98% of drain clogs are caused by tenants.

3.       Furnace operation, thermostats, and filters:  On your thermostat, you will see two options for the fan.  One option is "auto" and the other is "on".  When you set the fan to "on", it means the fan itself will run constantly and it will also prevent and stop the furnace and/or air conditioner from kicking on completely.  If you need heat and/or cold air, please do not turn the fan to the "on" setting and leave it on "auto" at all times.  The "on" function is only in the event that you do not need heat or air and simply want to run the fan to circulate air in the house.  Furnaces need clean air filters to make sure they are in proper working order.  The main reason for furnace and air conditioner failures is dirty furnace filters.  You are given the property with a clean furnace filter to start out.  We highly recommend filters to be changed by tenants on a monthly basis, but no less than every 3 months (this should be determined by the type of filter you buy; more expensive filters last longer, whereas cheaper filters need to be changed monthly).  If your furnace or air conditioner does stop working properly, the first thing you should do before calling for maintenance is to make sure the filter has been changed and is not clogging the system.  Your air conditioner does run through your furnace; please be aware of that, as the furnace filter will affect the air conditioner operations as well.  If your furnace and/or air conditioner is not working, we ask that you please check these issues first: 1. Did you flip the thermostat setting to heat or air?; 2. Did you make sure the fan is set to "auto"?; 3. When was the last time you changed the furnace filter and is it clean or dirty?.  If you have checked all of these things and your furnace and/or air conditioner is still not working, please let us know.  Make sure you tell us if the system is actually running and just not producing hot/cold air OR if the system is not turning on at all, including the fan.  This will help us to troubleshoot your issue in advance and resolve it quickly.

4.       Water pipes:  When you leave for vacations during the winter months, please be aware that you cannot turn your heat completely off.  The heat must be at or above 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the home at all times during your occupancy.  If you turn off the heat and leave in cold weather, it could cause the water pipes to burst.  This is a costly repair to tenants, in the thousands of dollars.  Please make sure the heat is above 50 degrees at all times.  This is also a part of your lease agreement.

5.       Mildew in tubs/showers:  Mildew, not to be confused with mold, typically appears in bathrooms as black spots on the walls, ceilings, and showers.  Mildew is caused by not properly venting the bathroom during showers and by improper cleaning.  To maintain your shower, we recommend that you dry the shower with a towel after each use.  If that isn't possible for you, you can also prevent mildew by spraying the tub/shower with bleach cleaner every week, let it set for 30-60 minutes, then scrub and rinse it off.  Please make sure you leave your bathroom door open after a shower to allow all of the moisture to leave the room and please use your ventilation fans when you shower.  Failure to do this will cause mildew to appear in your bathroom.  Tenants are solely responsible for mildew growth in their bathrooms.  This is not a maintenance issue that your landlord is responsible to remedy.  Please make sure you take whatever steps are necessary to prevent mildew growth.  Mildew found in your bathroom after you vacate is charged against your deposit to clean and remove.

6.       Carpeting:  Please make sure if you have carpet in your unit that it remains free of stains, odors, and holes.  Spills and messes should be cleaned immediately to prevent staining.  We recommend that you refrain from wearing shoes on carpeted areas to prevent dirt and mud buildup.  If you have pets that urinate or defecate on the carpeting, the cleanup charges can be extremely high for this kind of damage.  The carpet will not only need to be replaced, but the subfloor underneath will have to be treated with a special, very expensive chemical to remove urine odors.  If treating the subfloor does not fix the problem, we may have to replace the subfloor.  In the event of extreme pet damages, it could cause damage to the entire structure of the home.  If your cat or dog does either of these on the floor while you are not home, they should be crated or taken to a pet sitter, and never left to roam freely around the home alone.  Cat litter boxes should be placed on linoleum or tiled areas and never on carpeting or hardwood floors.  We highly recommend a plastic liner be placed under litter boxes as well.  Any stains, burn holes, or smoke/pet odors in the carpet at move-out will cause your deposit to be charged for carpet cleaning and/or replacement.  We use a black light to determine and document urine on floors after tenancy.

7.       Hardwood floors:  If you have hardwood floors in your unit, please make sure you do not scratch the finish of the wood with your furniture and make sure your pets do not scratch the wood.  When you move in, lift your furniture and set it down on the wood, do not push it across the floor.  We recommend coasters for furniture feet to prevent scratches.  If you have pets, please be aware that urinating and defecating on the hardwood will leave behind a smell; even if you don't notice it while you are there, we will notice it when you move.  The cost to repair pet damages to hardwood floors is very large, in the thousands of dollars.  Hardwood floor repairs are more expensive than carpet and likely your deposit would not cover this damage.  We use a black light to determine and document urine on floors after tenancy.

8.       Walls:  Wall damages include holes, dented drywall, black scuff marks, an abundance of nail holes, and excessive dirt.  If we cannot clean the walls or there are holes present, you will be charged for any damages to them.  Your lease agreement bans indoor smoking in your unit; please do not smoke inside the home.  If you smoke in the unit, you will be charged to fully paint the home, for odor removal, and carpet cleaning/replacement when you move out.  Please consider smoking outside.

9.       Trash disposal:  Please do not ever leave your trash sitting around.  Trash causes pests, such as cockroaches and rodents, to move into your home.  Trash should never be left sitting outside of a trash can, either inside or outside of the property.  Porches and common areas are not acceptable places to leave trash bags.  In accordance with your lease and the law, all trash must be placed in a suitable, covered container.

10.    Pest infestations:  Pest issues are most often caused by tenants.  Cockroaches are attracted to open food containers, pet food, trash sitting out, spills, and/or food left on floors, etc.  Bedbugs are also a growing concern in Central Ohio.  They are brought into the home by tenants and extermination of bedbugs is the responsibility of the tenant - you will be billed for this service.  The only exception would be if you live in a multi-unit building and we find the bedbugs or cockroaches in other units.  If your unit is pretty clean and you notice these pest issues in your home (aside from bedbugs), we will find the source of it and have them exterminated.  If we notice that your unit is unkempt and dirty, and you have pests, you will be charged for extermination fees.  If you have pets, please make sure you are safeguarding against fleas.  The cost to exterminate fleas is always a cost belonging to the tenant.

11.    Stove bowls and light bulbs:  We replace your stove bowls and light bulbs upon move-in.  All lights must be in working order upon move out.  Stove bowls should look new and not need to be replaced.  An easy solution to keep your stove bowls looking brand new throughout your tenancy is to simply cover the bowls in aluminum foil and change the foil as needed.

12.    Pet waste:  If you have a dog, you must keep your yard free of pet waste.  Please invest in a scooper and disposal bags for your pet waste in the yard.  If we come to the property and find pet waste in the yard, we will clean it for you and send you a bill.  We will not provide any notice for you to clean it yourself before we charge you to do it ourselves.  If you live in a multi-unit building and there is more than one unit with pets, cleanup charges will be divided among all pet owning units.  If you notice your neighbor doesn't clean up pet waste, but you are cleaning up yours, please report this to the office immediately.

13.    Landscaping:  If you live in one of our apartments, we will maintain the yard for you.  However, if you live in one of our single family homes, you must maintain the yard.  It needs to be free of trash and weeds at all times.  Lawns need to be mowed on a regular basis.  If we receive a violation notice from the city that your grass is too high and full of weeds, we will come and mow it for you, remove the weeds, and you will be billed for this service.  No notice will be given for you to mow/weed yourself before we charge you to do it ourselves.  The purpose of this and the pet waste -and the lack of notice- is because the city will fine us if either of these issues are occurring at the property.  Doing the work ourselves will prevent an exorbitant fine.  When you move out of the property, your yard should look as nice as when we gave it to you.  We always clean up weeds and repair landscaping for new move-ins and we need you to take pride in your home, in your neighborhood, and keep the landscaping looking good.

14.    Maintenance policies:  We do our best to stay on top of maintenance, but please keep in mind that we have a small crew and almost 100 rental units.  Maintenance emergencies (furnace & c/a malfunctions, refrigerator repair, hot water tank malfunction, fires, or major leaks) take precedence over all other maintenance.  It may be frustrating when it takes us a week to fix your garbage disposal, but remember that the person who is having their furnace fixed has to come first and you would want your furnace to come first as well!  General maintenance (i.e. stove burner out, garbage disposal, etc) that are non-emergencies could take up to 2 weeks for repair.  Cosmetic maintenance that does not affect the performance of any appliance may take up to one month or more for repair (i.e. window screen has a hole in it, knob came off a cabinet drawer) or may be noted in your account, but not be repaired at all.  We assign a priority level to maintenance concerns, with emergencies coming first, general maintenance second, and cosmetic maintenance is last.  Please be reasonable with your maintenance requests.  Any maintenance which the cost to repair is under $100.00 is the responsibility of the tenant to take care of.  We will provide all maintenance in excess of $100.00.  Tenants will be charged for any maintenance which is the result of tenant's negligence.  All maintenance requests should be made to the office only.  Please submit all maintenance requests on this website, via email at or to the office phone at (614) 725-5777.  If your furnace goes out in the winter or you have a busted pipe and a major leak, you can get the emergency maintenance number from the office answering machine.  We request that you do not call the emergency line for non-emergencies.  If you have general concerns or questions that are not regarding maintenance, you can call or text the property manager on her cell phone, during reasonable hours (please no calls after 6pm and no texts after midnight), but please, for your own sake, do not ever text the property manager for your maintenance, as she may not be in the office at the time of your request to record it.

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