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About Us, Ltd. has been serving the Central Ohio area with quality rentals since 1999.


Our purpose is to provide updated, beautiful homes to our tenants and to enhance the communities of those homes.  Most rental companies are only in this business for the profits, but we truly care about our tenants and we strive to make sure quality is provided over quantity.  We have high tenant retention rates and most of our apartment renters stay for an average of 3 years, while most of our home renters stay for an average of 5 years.  Most of our homes and apartments are updated, with amenities like ceramic tile floors, hardwood floors, and updated kitchens and baths.


We care about our environment and our tenants' expenses as well, making sure our homes are energy efficient through newer windows, added insulation, and energy efficient appliances.  We are a green company and we recycle and/or reuse paper, ink cartridges, paper clips, staples, and any other office supplies.  We always donate our cabinets, counters, other building materials, and also our time as volunteers to Habitat for Humanity so they can continue to provide low cost building materials to those who are in need.


Come experience a better way to rent.  Many property rental companies put their bottom line first. At, your comfort and your happiness are our most important assets.

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